Behind any project is a great story......!

Renovation - Home & Office

Renovation - Home & Office

We offer a one-point service, managing your project from start to finish and everything in between. Our services include building new houses/offices, extensions, and general renovations. Whatever your dreams are we can make it happen…!

Kitchens - New & Revamp

Kitchens - New & Revamp

The heart of any home is the kitchen, that we memories are made. Let us assist you in creating a warm and inviting space where memories are made. Our services include polishing up your existing kitchen or installing a new custom-made kitchen to suit your story…!

Ceilings - Bulkheads & Drywall

Ceilings - Bulkheads & Drywall

We design stunning ceilings/bulkheads for any space in your home or office. We can do a simple ceiling or we can zest-it-up with lights and colors depending on your mood. Our understanding of drywall can turn any dull office space into a functional striking space.

Flooring – Supply and Install

Flooring – Supply and Install

We supply and install a wide range of high-quality vinyl and laminate flooring in both the residential and commercial markets. Flooring solutions that are tailor-made for your needs. Let`s floor it up……!

We have heard more than a 100 great stories over the last 4 years!

Social proof

We have been told more than 100 great stories over the last 4 years…!

The Snatch Vision

People do things for their reason or reasons, generally out of either necessity or desire. The difference between must-have and like to have. The Snatch Vision is to turn your necessity or desire into reality.

The Snatch Promise

Always treat the client with respect and act professionally. Have open honest communication and keep the client informed for peace of mind. Use the quality of material with quality workmanship!

The Snatch Guarantee

A one-year guarantee on all minor works and five years on all major structural works.



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